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Fabio Zanino

Fabio Zanino has an extensive publishing resume and remains critically acclaimed internationally. His work has been described as “vintage”, “rough” and “eco-art”. He describes the work as deconstruction and assemblage, taking left-over debris and reforming them through pure shape and form.

The intention goes through a process of having the original objects lose their original purpose and meaning as the material goes through a metamorphosis to reflect compositional design. A consistent rustiness and ruggedness may be observed through the aged and reshaped material. The aesthetics of these finished reliefs reflect upon redefining contemporary taste. There are many triangles, squares, and diamond-shaped forms contained within the works reflecting a sense of confrontation against the viewer’s comfort zone. There are more elegant pieces which reflect sphere-like shapes giving off a sense of intimacy. The diversity of the various shapes of expression reflect the mind of an artist who wishes to have his viewer stop in their tracks and stare at the unfamiliarity of physical nature and emotional form.

These sculptures have a pristine, reflective, finished beauty of color on the surface. One may argue they are as much paintings as they are sculptures. The geometric and asymmetrical tones are mostly consistent in earthy and cool tones. Some of the sculptures almost look like they were smeared with rusted steel dust.

Imposing and bold come to mind when reflecting on Fabio’s art. The sheer splendor of asymmetrical and symmetrical patterns fused together in a body of work which delights as much as pushing personal boundaries. Through intuition and grit, Fabio Zanino reconstructs time itself and makes immortal art.

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