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Kevin Caron

Written by Cassie Mckenzie, assistant curator, M.A. in museum studies. 

Kevin Caron is a renowned artist whose sculptures have left an indelible mark on the art world. His talent has been recognized through numerous solo exhibitions, including the acclaimed Color II: Eye for Color at Tempe Post Office Gallery in 2020 and Two Worlds: The Metal and 3D-printed Sculpture of Kevin Caron at KCS Studios in 2016. Caron's work has also been featured in prestigious group exhibitions, such as the Spring 2023 Group Exhibition at Rice Polak Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and the Sculpture Tucson Festival in Arizona. His contributions to the art world have been honored with several awards, including the prestigious Phoenix Mayor’s Arts Awards Visual Artist of the Year in 2018 and the title of Sculptor of the Year in the Artist of the Year Competition by Art Trends magazine from 2012 to 2014. Caron's sculptures, which are not only displayed in major commissions and installations across the United States, but also grace the collections of renowned galleries such as Pearson & Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, and InArt Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, have garnered immense appreciation and admiration.

Kevin Caron's artistic journey is a captivating one, uniquely rooted in his fascination for machinery and his experiences with motorcycles and trucks. Over three decades, he has honed his craft, visualizing and refining shapes in his mind. The transition from mental conception to physical creation was a natural one when he sculpted his first piece. Caron's focus now lies in capturing the sensual quality of shapes, their gentle curves and intersections, to evoke a sense of movement and illusion. He describes his process as “downloading” shapes from his mind and allowing them to flow through his hands, a process that mirrors his riding experience. This intuitive approach, coupled with the intellectual challenge of physical creation, drives him to produce artwork that seems to have a life of their own.

Ice Queen (top of article) is a 3-D printed sculpture in the artist's wabi-sabi style. This ethereal yet bold sculpture emulates an iceberg's naturalistic and sharp qualities by using solid lines and edges. Caron has illuminated these qualities by using LED ‘dot’ lighting in various layers of filament to play with light. At a closer glance, you can see the 3D-printed textures throughout the sculpture, creating a dripping, melting, and glass-like effect. These small details further create a connection to nature while incorporating industrial elements. Ice Queen embodies the juxtaposition between nature's flaws and the industrial world.

Seethrough (pictured above) stands out in Caron’s work. This curved 3D-printed sculptures bring a mixture of grit and elegance to the art world. Caron’s ability to take basic objects and manipulate them into refined pieces of fine art translates in Seethrough. This piece's lighting, angles, and form create a shiny, gold, and metallic appearance with sleek and futuristic impressions. Caron’s use of lines and edges is a common motif throughout his work. The imbalanced but thoughtful curvature creates a perfect oval through the center, creating a portal through the shapes.

From neon colors emanating from his 3-D printer to raw slabs of steel fused together from his welder, Kevin Caron invokes a breakdown of structure to their basic forms. Ranging from distortions to non-objective abstractions, the sculptures tend to convey spirals and subtle curves drawing the eye vertically. These minimalistic creations offer an insight into the importance of placement of color and surface on three dimensional surfaces. Like contemporary monuments, the works communicate a sense of form almost resembling crystalized castles and evocative cages. With a commendable, strong portfolio and a loyal following, Kevin Caron connects the audience with exterior textural elements and color design followed by a study in structure with spirited towering exoskeletons.

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