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Kateryna Bortsova

Kateryna Bortsova is a contemporary figurative painter who has been featured in solo exhibitions in Ukraine and exhibited extensively internationally and consistently since 2009. Countries where she has exhibited include the United States, North Macedonia, Canada, Hungary, Serbia, Belarus, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, and Austria. Kateryna has participated in almost 80 exhibitions to date, has been published over 60 times, and has participated in 10 residencies across Europe. Her art has been featured twice at the Kharkov State Art Museum in Ukraine. Notable awards include winner of a cover competition for Oxford University Press and she has been published by many universities such as University of San Francisco, Miami University, Washington State University, San Diego State University, and George Mason University. 

The figure paintings can range from having overt pop art integration to being fused into mixed media approaches such as paint and pastel sketches on topographical maps. Consistently, the viewer may find commonalities of realistic representations of fleshy figures contrasted with bright colors, particularly with neon tones. Kateryna strives for consistent experimentation even with the incorporation of found objects attached to her canvases such as eating utensils or even poker cards and candy bars. The portrayal of figures varies between hyper-realism, photo-realism, and naturalism as sometimes she paints her figures with loose brush strokes or portrays them with such detail you can see the sweat on their skin and reflections of light on the flesh. Kateryna’s figures always appear in motion or prepared for movement and are often the focal point for the overall composition. 

Self-Propulsion / Burgos (pictured above) remains one of the most interesting pieces from her paintings on maps series. The female figure performs a dance or exercise in meditation while drips of paint fall from her hands signifying a metamorphosis. Her shade, reflected as a twin transparent blue figure, unlike the main figure remains clothed with what appears to be a gown in a similar fashion to a Greek toga. The artist communicates to the viewer as if the shade appears to be the ancestor of the nude dancer. Upon clarity, we may make the connection the dance invokes a connection to our predecessors. A subtle painting which reflects a sense of maturity in representing metaphor and allegory. An incorporation of leaves and foliage connects the audience to interpret a sense of bodily connection to nature while the unknown map may represent a homeland. The leaves descend and swirl in the air as if it were the fall season or perhaps a gust of wind generated from the dance. A thoroughly thought-provoking work which builds on the traditions of the Pre-Raphaelites, who applied heavy usage of symbolism and connections to past tradition. 

Kateryna Bortsova creates dynamic figure painting which bridges tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Her work serves as a tribute to old European master painters such as Rubens and Caravaggio but with her own unique style and way of storytelling. Like the history paintings of old, her work tells the story of contemporary identity in context with our surroundings, psychology, and social impact. Kateryna’s mastery of anatomy and representational painting techniques defines an artist deeply invested in her craft. With a massive resume, an international presence, and a large, strong body of work Kateryna Bortsova reflects as one of the most interesting and profound artists from Ukraine.


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