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Yuqing Liu

Yuqing Liu is a young artist who has exhibited in London several times and has been published in notable publications such as Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art. She is a multi-faceted artist who delves into light design, sensory installations, performance, and digital art.

Yuqing's work can be described as the future of artistic healing and rejuvenation. The most notable works revolve around sensory modules and experimentation known as olfactory, specifically dealing with scent. Currently, her most well known work entails an installation known as Project 1: Awakening: Scent Archive, a well-crafted series of modules with aesthetically pleasing tones of reds, blues, and whites. The installation remains stationed for people to interact with certain unidentified odors.

Usually artists are satisfied with just making a visually aesthetically-pleasing work of art. Yuqing wants to add on beyond the traditional visual interaction of art by traveling across the UK to collect distinctive smells from various communities. Although her purely visual works remain just as innovative. Specifically a light projection installation known as BIOS, which entails a gallery room drenched in deep pink light dotted with what seems to be bluish-purple lasers and geometric shapes of animal heads placed in the center of the room. Almost seems like a rejection of nature or perhaps a celebration of integration between technology and natural elements.

The craftsmanship in Yuqing’s work is top tier, whether three-dimensional or illusory projections, there remains an aesthetically richness of whites integrated with neon colors. The futuristic shapes of the works often come across as the lab experiment of a mad scientist who decided to become a visual artist. These virtual environments push our boundaries making us question our senses and reality itself.

Yuqing Liu’s body of work sums up the subject of contemporary reality. Is life an illusion? Are these works designed to help us question the difference between the virtual world and what we perceive to be natural or physical environments? With rapid advances in technology we need art which points out the rewards and consequences of integrating human psychology with the unknown long term impacts of sensory manipulation through virtual worlds. The works often come off as aesthetically beautiful, which indicates a celebration and indeed an encouragement between humanity’s integration with technological alternate realities.

Yuqing Liu has a promising career ahead, we hope to feature her work in the future on our online gallery to catch up with the development of these augmented digital and physical realities. Installation as an art form has been given a professional makeover with integrations of various senses, these interactive works reflect our times in seemingly mysterious ways.


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