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Linda O'Neill

Linda O’Neill has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and has had her work published internationally. She has been featured by Saatchi Art multiple times and presented in various books and news articles such as USA Today and received notable distinctions such as an award of excellence from Manhattan Arts International.

Linda’s paintings are executed with a process of listening to music and rotating the canvas as she works on the painting. The colors can be either muted or even reflect neon tones, the brushwork ranges from linearity, scribbles, swirls, and sketchy brush strokes. The titles and movement within the paint reflect and hint at emotion. There remains a sense of controlled chaos which fatefully falls into place of perfect composition and design. There are no hints of form, these are complete abstractions, however they convey an interpretation of paint being defined by emotional impulse.

The contemporary / post-modern take on abstraction differentiates away from modern abstraction. Various forms of application, consistent yet erratic, dances across the canvas and paper ranging from muddy to high contrast to clean crisp bold distinction of colors. Stretching and movement goes back and forth, laid out as a compromised and improvised design, rather than random and impulsive application of the tool.

Linda’s paintings are a thrilling emotional adventure which peers into various modes of reflection. Sublime beauty, inspiring application of paint, and a raw nature contained within. With these works on canvas and paper, the viewer can obtain a fresh appreciation for painting and the arts in general. Making art which has life, an essence, distinguishes these paintings as a force to be reckoned with.


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