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Kateryna Boykov

Kateryna Boykov is an emerging artist who focuses on pristine seascapes. The reflection in light from the stone, water, and sky comes across as vibrant, rich, and unique. The colorful play with light gives her work the feeling of a contemporary Vermeer.

One does not need to follow realism in order to appreciate the dynamic paintings of Keteryna Boykov. There remains a crisp nuance to her work which can be noted through the lush capture of light. The intricate detail does not come off as stiff, rigid, or tight. To pull off such raptured detail and yet contain a looseness of color and form must contain real authentic talent.

Kateryna's paintings were literally formed out of her desire to leave her stressful desk job and yearning for her creative childhood. The paintings are a rewarding relaxation, expression, escape, and ease of tension away from the stress of daily life. To live as a painter remains an honorable calling, especially when focusing on subject matter which reflect purity and nature.


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