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Josephine Florens

Josephine Florens' studio practice remains a member of several notable organizations including the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, member of the Odessa Marine Union, Ukraine, honorary member of the Union of World’s Poets and Writers.

Josephine's work comes alive with vivid, thick brush strokes. luminous, colorful earthy tones, and tight compositions. The paintings can come off as imaginative or done from observation, the eclectic nature of her approach leaves a body of work which varies in tone, theme, and subject matter but not application.

She often portrays creatures, women, and isolating natural scenes. According to an interview she gave to, she abandoned realism because as she describes, “The war changed my paintings. I began to use elements of abstraction, although I had previously avoided this. My work is darker, with deeper feelings, splashed out not striving for perfect strokes and lines. After all, who needs this ideal? Sincerity, naturalness, fantasy, freedom are important.”

Civilian life and kindness are recurring themes in Josephine's paintings. Through adversity, expression, and instinctive intuition, she comes up with these expressive, bold paintings.


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