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Elena Anufriyeva

Elena Anufriyeva enters the scene as an emerging artist who started to pick up the brush during the pandemic. She has won several notable awards including the talent prize award from Tera Arna international juried exhibition. As a psychologist and translator, Elena describes her profession as an influence in the paintings which help reflect harmonious colors, dreamy moods, and a desire to lift the viewer above daily anxieties.

Hailing from Ukraine, Elana's influences are largely based upon her travels to Greece (as well as other destinations), especially the architecture and landscape such as the shore and Orthodox churches. The paintings come from a self-taught artist who acquired knowledge on color and brushwork through the practice of tutorials and practicing en plein air.

The colors in the works are rich, vibrant and the brushwork expressively impressionistic reflecting a combination of broad shapes as found in the works of Gauguin and containing light luminescent brushwork similar to Monet. Although naturalistic, the paintings contain a sense of flatness in composition and space hence the bridge in the work found in between impressionism and post-impressionistic qualities. The tonal expressions are refined yet dream-like.

Ms. Anufriyeva has a promising career as an artist, we look forward to seeing her develop in the years to follow. She remains inspiring to the layperson who may find themselves situated along circumstances which can lead to opportunity in exploring new horizons such as delving into the ancient art of painting.


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