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Diane Pribojan

Diane Pribojan is an architectural painter who has exhibited across the United States, especially in the Midwest. She has been featured in numerous shows at Summit Artspace in Akron, Ohio and has been published in various newspapers such as The Cincinnati Enquirer, Akron Beacon Journal, and Cleveland Institute of Art News. Notable accomplishments include the Betty V. Harris Award at the YMCA, individual excellence award at the Ohio Arts Council, and an award of excellence at Ridgefield Guild of Artists in Connecticut. 

The paintings focus on architectural representations of middle class homes. Not a realistic representation but rather stylized with solid blocks of form ranging from high to low contrast and a range of saturation levels. What essentially defines the architecture in these acrylic paintings remains the shadows which divide the form into pieces which combine to create a whole composition. The homes appear to be in the style of late modernism architecture of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Although homes coming from ages as old as the 1890’s to 1940’s could also pass for some of the designs in the works. Some contemporary homes are modeled in these past eras but with simpler design elements such as how they appear in Diane’s paintings. 

What remains most fascinating regarding the paintings of the homes could be referenced to the clean design elements. The subjects are so clear cut in line, form, and geometry making the belief harder as to whether the paintings were done freehand. Diane probably used tools such as rulers, painter’s tape, and / or projectors to create the pristine compositions. The skies and foliage in the works are often painstakingly painted with gradual transitions with the brushstrokes almost invisible to the naked eye. 

If we compare two paintings, Facade of House in Aqua (top of article) and Yellow Roof (pictured above), the viewer will notice the composition and color scheme are different from one another. Yellow Roof may have muted tones but remains bold in color nonetheless with grayed-out purple, green and turquoise hues. Facade of House in Aqua has a consistent monochromatic bluish gray seeping throughout the surface. The negative space remains extremely flat, representing skies in both paintings, with a small streak of purple clouds at the top of canvas to break up the monotony in Yellow Roof. Because of the solid blocks of form, the homes pop out to the audience with bold displays of triangular roofs and rectangular windows. 

What message or concept does Diane’s paintings convey? There remains a very 1960’s vibe to the works considering the retro architecture and pop art aesthetics. The homes are not ornamental or elegant, nor are they run down as they often portray manicured lawns and pristine landscapes. Dianne lives and works in the Midwest in Ohio, a place often stereotyped as being the heart of the middle class with its former manufacturing glory and ‘’heartland’ aesthetics. Perhaps the paintings are a rumination of her surroundings, living in a suburban state, filled with a large middle class and working class population, reflected in these portrayals of middle class houses. The paintings come off as appealing suggesting a nostalgia towards middle class culture and design. Homes which are economical, non-decorative, simplistic, yet clean and geometrical situate an affection towards the suburban lifestyle. 

Diane Pribojan creates fun, aesthetically pleasing art which communicates a range of emotions based on their surrounding environment and color scheme. With retro and pop art aesthetics she creates contemporary imagery which does not overcomplicate or add fillers to the message. Her works are powerful paintings which portray the desire or appreciation of the quality of life owning a home. 


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