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Darlene J. Winfield

Darlene Winfield's art may be found in numerous private collections around the globe including Canada, the United States, Holland, Scotland, China, and Germany. Living abroad internationally in Mexico and Indonesia has helped Winfield develop her unique palette. She works and resides in Peterborough, Ontario Canada with representation by several notable galleries. The series of works represent a diversity usually focusing on cropped landscape scenery. The pond series for example blurs the lines between abstraction and impressionism with intense focus on a loose application of color and dynamic compositions.

Winfield captures the essence and nature of painting through her raw yet elegant brushwork, refined compositions, and personal contemporary color pallette. The pond series remains a commentary on contemporary aesthetics, giving a fresh composed breath to the reflection of nature and humanities' relationship with our environment. The contemporary painter has a duty to imbue imagination into the distracted mind of the post-modern audience. The intense brushwork and intimate compositions reveal a value to which high aesthetics need not be diverged by distractions and illusions. Winfield's unique brushwork remains a force of nature, the paintings are a requirement for the refined contemporary eye.

Winfield is a painter's painter, as the saying goes. Her mastery of color is so complex I believe she has surpassed Renoir himself. The paintings are impressionistic yet cropped and intimate, giving a refreshing contemporary interpretation of color and light. I am confident the paintings will stand the test of time because of their bold complexity of fusing beloved impressionism with contemporary compositions. The works are pure inspiration and go beyond the surface of the subject, capturing the essence, the life form of the subject.

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