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Constance Regardsoe

Constance Regardsoe is a figurative and aquatic painter who has exhibited extensively in London. She has participated in several notable art fairs such as The Other Art Fair hosted by Saatchi Art. Her work has been published in magazines such as Bath Live, Retro Kolkota, and featured awards include grand prize winner and young artist prize at the Bath Society of Artists. 

The body of work contains paintings which are rich in cool tones and the capturing of light with reflections. While the paintings may come off as hyper-realistic, there remains a deep painterly quality within the various colors captured in the ocean or pools represented. The figures interacting with the water are usually females who are casually swimming or floating.

Mesmerizing may be the word to describe the dance at play with reflections of light spread across the canvas. We may observe bubbles, shadows, and ripples of water tearing through the composition. These works are incredibly advanced for someone who has been painting for only a handful of years so far. Natural talent remains obviously present, there are many artists who spend their entire lives painting and do not achieve even close to the technical mastery within Constance’s paintings. 

The poetry of figures at recreation in water with the capturing of complex light reflects the beauty of the human figure and a statement about painting. The technology of the camera able to capture images underwater and within bodies of water has enabled an artist such as Constance to representally convey a concept which can only be interpreted as contemporary. Such paintings would have been nearly impossible to portray in the early half of the 20th century because a reference towards the reflections of water underneath the human figure or such detail of light reflecting on water did not exist. 

As an interaction with nature, water represents renewal and rejuvenation. People swim in water to relax or for exercise. Perhaps the paintings could be interpreted as an escape from the complexities of contemporary life. The relaxed figures who integrate with the aquatic pools share light and shadow with their surroundings, calm and refreshing expressions on their faces and body language. These people represented in these works reflect a synergy with their surroundings, embracing the cool splash of water caressing their bodies and faces. Although the paintings of strictly water are just as fascinating, these tend to be close up shots of waves and ripples of light tearing through motion. 

An interesting observation one may note would be the variety of colors reflected in the bodies of water. Some aquatic pools are blue, black, brown, green, or turquoise. There remains no sense of repetitiveness, each painting contains unique colors from one another, as subtle variation and varied composition and light take center stage. 

Constance Regardsoe creates technically intimidating, grand paintings of light and form. They impose upon us a sense of recreation, reflection, and isolation from the manufactured world. These remote figures within the depths of these pools of water reflect an integration with nature rarely seen in such a consistent manner. With relaxed poses and a sense of tranquility, Constance conveys human expression through motion and mirrored illumination. We will be following her career closely in the years ahead as these powerful paintings offer promising results.


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