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Claire Firley

Claire Firley is a digital artist who has exhibited internationally in Asia, Europe, and North America. Countries which she has exhibited in include South Korea, China, Pakistan, Switzerland, and the United States. Her work is featured in Art Lovers Australia and she has sold over 600 editions of her works to date.

Although using various digital programs including artificial intelligence-powered software, Claire insists the pieces are original renderings using multiple generative programs which are layered or edited to create something unique. In her words: “it starts with my imagination”. I have noticed some galleries and art venues have banned digital art and A.I. powered art, however at Aedra Fine Arts we welcome all mediums of expression in the fine arts. Criticizing digital art or A.I.-enhanced art would be the same equivalent of criticizing painters who use a projector or grid versus artists who render and paint freehand. In the end, the final result becomes the matter at hand, the process remains a tool of explaining the finished piece.

Claire’s work is diversified and ranges from contemporary art, cyberpunk, abstraction, landscapes, figurative, and surrealism. For the purposes of the focus of Aedra Fine Arts, we pivot towards more of Claire’s contemporary fine art related digital works. What remains most fascinating about the art could be analyzed through the sophistication and smoothness of the rendering. Although varied in subject matter, Claire’s work comes as polished, refined, and expertly executed.

The work do not merely just present an image in digital form, the subject’s presentation comes through tones of color, mist, and grain smeared across the surface of the rendering. Although the abstractions are exquisite, the representational works often seem to tell a story, which we will further discuss. Figurative pieces such as “Vibrant PIxel Odyssey” and surrealistic works which depict architecture and furniture provide an ironic conceptual twist to situational events. Take one work, for example, depicting a home being smashed by the sea, perhaps a message about the relationship between nature and human-made structures, or a commentary on climate-change? Or maybe just a situational depiction just for the sake of the aesthetic qualities. The questioning and mystery behind the artist’s motives makes the pieces more interesting. The furniture series of interiors often come off as abandoned homes which have been left neglected and abandoned for years. Perhaps a message about time or disregarding possessions?

Claire’s work can express a range of emotions, coming off as playful, serious, or contemplative. The more abstracted pieces remind me of the early work of John D’Agostino but with more solid forms and diversification. Sheer power comes to mind when engaging the works, the subject or forms are rendered with such precision and contrast while laid across in such an imposing manner. The works are often digitized, rather than pixelized, with blurs and smudges of formed lines and spatial textures.

Clair Firley is one of the most powerful digital artists I have ever witnessed, her unique qualities and expansive body of work encompass the future of the fine arts. A bold story-teller who wishes to express the contemporary age through digitized screams of dust, mist, and lucid colors. The digital art she creates represents a rapid change in society and in the arts as technology fuses with the individualistic, creative mind.


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