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Brian Jerome

Written by Cassie Mckenzie, curator, M.A. in museum studies.

Brian Jerome is a Philadelphia-based artist whose art reflects his struggle to express himself linguistically, leaving interpretation to the viewer. Influenced by a life-altering fall in 2010 which resulted in complex PTSD and Bipolar II disorder, his work, though not explicitly about trauma, conveys his abstract, diaristic approach to life's challenges. He has exhibited at prominent venues such as Galerie Sonia Monti in Paris and Maxum Gallery in New Jersey, and his work has been featured in notable publications like Vanity Fair UK and Aerogramme Arts. 

The art remains abstract and diaristic, visually representing inner experiences and emotions. Brian’s style embraces abstraction as a means of processing and expressing complex thoughts and feelings, often resulting in layered, textured compositions inviting deep contemplation. Brian’s use of mixed media reflects an experimental approach, blending various materials to create dynamic, multidimensional pieces. His work remains deeply personal yet universally resonant, capturing the essence of human vulnerability and resilience. Through his art, Jerome aims to create a dialogue about the shared difficulties of life, offering a therapeutic and introspective experience for himself and his audience.

I'm Different and It's Different, but We Are Both the Same (pictured above) is a captivating exploration of abstraction which delves into the complex interplay of color, texture, and form. Dominated by a rich palette of vibrant blues, the piece exudes a sense of depth and movement, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in layered intricacies. At first glance, the painting appears to be a tranquil expanse of blue, reminiscent of the sky or the ocean. However, a closer inspection reveals subtle variations in hue and texture, achieved through Jerome's masterful use of mixed media. Broad and delicate brushstrokes create a dynamic surface which remains soothing and intriguing. A presence of darker and lighter shades of blue and occasional hints of other colors adds to the painting's complexity and depth. The work's title suggests a narrative of duality and unity, reflecting the artist's journey and to communicate difficult-to-articulate experiences. The painting's composition, seemingly random yet carefully considered marks and shapes, mirrors the chaos and order inherent in life. Such a tactile element, combined with the vibrant color scheme, evokes emotions, from calmness to introspection.

Photophobia (pictured above) is an evocative abstract work which harnesses a vibrant color palette and dynamic composition. The piece is dominated by striking yellows, with bursts of blue, red, and green, creating a sense of visual intensity mirroring an overwhelming nature of photophobia or sensitivity to light. Jerome's use of bold, sweeping brush strokes interspersed with delicate, scribbled lines adds to the chaotic yet harmonious feel of the work. The textured layers and interplay of colors evoke a sense of movement and energy, compelling the viewer to engage deeply with the emotional landscape depicted. It offers a glimpse into his nuanced understanding of abstraction and has potential to convey profound personal and universal themes.

Brian Jerome's abstract and diaristic art vividly portrays his inner experiences, using layered, textured compositions to process and express complex emotions. His experimental use of mixed media creates dynamic, multidimensional, deeply personal, and universally resonant pieces, capturing human vulnerability and resilience. Jerome aims to foster dialogue about life's shared challenges, offering therapeutic and introspective experiences for himself and his viewers.


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