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Blaine White

Blaine White has exhibited extensively in Canada since the 1990's and achieved several notable publications such as being featured in the Spring 2022 catalogue on Saatchi Art. He has also been featured in New York, Detroit, and Milan, Italy. Blaine's works may be found in numerous private collections in Canada and the United States.

His work can be described as mostly figurative with hybrid elements of fine art mixed with design. The paintings range from intimate portraits with tonal backgrounds to elaborate figurative designs to retro scenes of groups of people interacting with one another in a formal capacity. The brushwork remains flat and subtle while the colors vary from neon colors to earth tones.

Although not quite pop art, one can sense an influence of pop culture in some of the paintings in terms of presentation. Flashy clothing and runway like poses capture the essence of many of the characters within Blaine's works. These paintings have a profound maturity with regards to the essence of the characters within his works portraying confidence and a sense of identity. The portraits range from random civilians from the past to notable historical figures. His work remains deeply interesting because they contain a sense of character and professional design.


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