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Amantle Mokoka

Amantle Mokoka is an emerging artist whose work remains in collections and has exhibited in South Africa. She has been published in notable media such as Afrautism magazine and the Mmegi newspaper. Awards include a prestigious first place prize at the Batswana National Art Fair. The paintings are bold, highly developed, and mature for a newcomer to the art world.

The abstract paintings blur the lines between design and fine art painting. Amantle’s primary vehicle imposes through the art in the forms of circles which interact with fine lines and curves revealing a color palette usually focusing on black and white. Her paintings are created with the concept of imposing emotion onto the viewer, work which leaves a monumental impact and connection to the artist.

Use of patterns are prevalent and often interfere or interact with more organic applications of brush and marker. Amantle’s paintings can sometimes come off as futuristic or even a cross between fashion and painting. Not hard to imagine some of her paintings being seen as patterns which can be worn on a runway as the latest fashion trend. My absolute favorite pieces by Amantle tend to be the most minimalistic dictated through patterned forms interacting with empty compositional space. These pieces tend to be the most meditative and therapeutic by giving a break to the eye with space leaving breathing room away from the delightfully complex and energetic patterns.

The intuitive nature applied to free forms and patterned design give off a sense of freedom and individuality. Ranging from intricate, to spatial, to organic forms and shapes revealing a deep sense of connectivity with contemporary aesthetics. There are no hints of neo-modernism from the works, these are post-modern interpretations with unique markings reflecting contemplation about post-industrial experiences.

Do these paintings take us through a journey through our imagination? Although complex, the compositional layout remains quite elegant and pure. One can imagine sipping on a glass of wine and using the paintings to relax and meditate on the meaning and future of painting and fine art in general. Besides sophistication, the paintings are fun to look at, not a cheap thrill often provided through many avenues in contemporary life, but rather inspiring in the rhythm and dance of the free flow of form and design.

The beauty and the majesty behind these magnificent paintings have a bold future ahead. Being young and ambitious, Amantle Mokoka represents the very best of the spirit of fine art as a driving force for innovation and expression. These delightful compositional designs represent the ever-evolving nature of painting as more and more artists delve into alternative mediums. With the continued investigation into breaking the mold of what painting means in today’s world, Amantle charges through walls and breaks barriers of the definition of a contemporary painter.


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