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Allie Kell

Allie Kell is an emerging artist who has participated in various pop up shows in Central Canada. As a newcomer to the art scene, she has created a variety of abstract works which are earlier full of color and later full of neutral tones, black, and white. With vivid, lush brushstrokes and an eye for negative space, she infuses rhythm and a sense of playful dance throughout the surface.


Contemplation (top of article) comes off as almost figurative despite being intended as an abstraction. The painting may seem as a depiction of an orca whale with black and white markings, fin, and slithering wet body. Although a number of interpretations may be reached, the painting reflects like Rorschach art used for projective psychological tests. An ambiguity yet familiarity permeates throughout the organic-like form centered on the canvas and anchored to the left with a vertical rectangle. Contemplation remains Allie’s most unusual painting in her entire body of work, no other painting reflects such a vast quantity of neutrality in determination of the subject or lack thereof. 

The more colorful paintings reflect a sense of joy and gracefulness with deep pastels such as various forms of peach and neon tones, specifically of hot pink. Coming off as a cross between pop art and contemporary abstraction, these compositions bloom towards holistic approaches to reflecting a varied yet unified surface. Seemingly improvised, the brushstrokes are sporadically spread out asymmetrically and geometrically simultaneously.  

Everything In Its Right Place (pictured above) remains one of Allie’s most structured pieces. With a lucid and quiet pale blue background, an orchestra plays across the planes of latitude, placing peaches, purples, and hot pinks in strategic locations across the canvas. The work contains a summation of a majority of the paintings which contemplate brilliant and bold brushwork sliding the paint into slabs of movement. 

As we observe the works as a whole we may cross various emotional impulses and excitement. The sheer mania in the works comes through as carefully controlled chaos of strategic placement of painting slices. The passion and exotic nature of infusing neon with pastel tones are subdued by Allie’s more muted works of impartialness. 

With variety, a knack for brushwork, and imaginative color palette, Allie Kell keeps the audience guessing with paintings which boldly and distinctly define contrasting aesthetical design. Although the body of work requires further development and exploration, she keeps the viewer on their toes with her daring execution of surface and improvised deconstruction. Allie Kell has optimistic prospects ahead and we hope the critical review article will propel her towards advancement in achievements.


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