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Artist Feature Artists: Amantle Mokoka, Claire Firley, Robert Snyder, Jordan Holms, Svetlana Gorina, Rodion Voskresenskii, Yuqing Liu,  Josephine Florens,  Brittney Fucheck, Blaine White , Elena Anufriyeva, Kateryna Boykov,  Oshi, Linda O'Neill, Fabio Zanino, Darlene J. Winfield, Nancy Staub Laughlin, James Long, Jane Dell,  Gail Gelburd, Anne Murray, David A. French, Pam Cooper, Maria Mijares, Paul Leibow, Jon Taner, Shoshana Kertesz, Robert Forman.

The Artist Feature catalogue represents the elite of Aedra Fine Arts. Published artists were carefully selected over the years from both our online and physical exhibitions. Artists who are featured in our catalogue are selected based on a variety of factors such as overall cohesiveness of their body of work, their accomplishments, originality, conceptual relevance, and aesthetic qualities. 

Artist Feature catalogue articles are also published on our Substack page at

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