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Aedra Fine Arts is an arts organization which specialized in hosting and organizing fine art exhibits and artistic events such as the Artist House series. Our opportunities are not limited to artists in New Jersey and are accessible to artists across the country and even internationally. The fine art exhibits we curate are open to visual artists across mediums & approaches. Our Artist House series opportunities were open to poets, writers, performance artists, theatre artists, group performers & fine artists. AFA now currently serves as an online gallery and art publisher. 





Founded in 2014, Aedra Fine Arts was formerly known as the Jersey City Artist Initiative which was initially a membership based artist community which had bi-weekly artistic gatherings, artistic projects, networking, and fine art exhibits. JCAI at that time was primarely a fine arts organization which also had other types of artists such as writers, filmmakers, & performance artists. During this time, the organization built a solid & large network of connections and a reputation as being efficient in its goals & achievements. 


In April of 2015, the membership was disbanded in favor of developing a more dynamic art scene through an improved organic process. The organization was then restructured into  specializing in acting as a curatorial entity which hosts & organizes fine art exhibits & the Artist House series.


On June 16th 2015, the Jersey City Artist Initiative changed its name to Aedra Fine Arts and had a residency at the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ then in turn relocating back to Jersey City. 

August 19. 2023, Aedra Fine Arts was revived into an online gallery and art publisher. 


Press Links:


Jersey Journal & News Article 4/3/2015 & Hudson Happening on 4/1/2015

Jersey Journal & News Article 8/13/2014



Consider making a donation to Aedra Fine Arts by visiting

AFA offers exhibition and publication opportunities for artists across all mediums. We work many hours to promote the art and the artists, writing publications, redesigning the website, communicating with artists, and keeping the website up to date. Our maintenance costs for the website, traffic apps, advertising, and subscriptions also need to be funded. No donation is too small, we even appreciate $1. Donors who donate $50 or more will be listed as a benefactor. Artists who donate $35 or more will be considered quarterly for a solo exhibition and publication in our artist feature catalogue. 

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